As the RDO Australia Group became an entity on 1 July 2020, its Directors and Executive Team brought with them more than 160 years of combined experience in executive roles and a solid understanding of the Australian construction, forestry, energy and agriculture industries. Their comprehensive expertise spans sales, operations, risk management, strategy, finance, governance, negotiation and company restructuring. 


Ryan Offutt - RDO Australia Group director

Ryan Offutt

Executive VP, R.D. Offutt Company

Ryan Offutt serves as Executive Vice President for R.D. Offutt Company. In this role he has responsibility for the company’s operations in Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, and Africa.

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Steve Dewald, RDO Australia Group

Steve Dewald


Steve Dewald has served as Chief Financial Officer for RDO Equipment Co. since 2001 and Executive Vice President of R.D. Offutt Company since 2016. He is responsible for advising the CEO and Executive Vice Presidents on major financial and strategic growth issues, as well as overseeing multiple administrative functions, including financial planning and analysis, accounting, credit operations, inventory, and technology.

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RDO Australia Group director Greg Wanchap - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Greg Wanchap


Greg Wanchap has over 35 years experience in professional services in roles as Managing Partner, Chief Executive and Lead Partner. Prior to that he gained broad commercial experience in manufacturing, insurance and investment banking.

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RDO Australia Group executive director Ian Jenson - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Ian Jensen

Executive Director

Ian is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. With over four decades’ experience in executive positions and business development, he played a key role as a Director and shareholder in the expansion of Vermeer Equipment Holdings.

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RDO Australia Group executive director Peter Pullan - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Peter Pullan

Executive Director

Peter started his career as a diesel mechanic who relocated to Australia from New Zealand in 1978. He was introduced into the earthmoving industry shortly after that and became one of the founders of Vermeer in Australia in 1989. From its humble beginnings, the company experienced remarkable growth over the three decades Peter was at the helm.

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RDO Australia Group executive director Bruce Vandersee - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Bruce Vandersee

Executive Director

Bruce began his career in the Vanderfield spare parts department. He took on a variety of roles across the entire organisation before working his way through the ranks to become its CEO and lead the company into significant growth. Bruce genuinely enjoys working with customers to ensure our whole team are valuable contributors to their businesses.

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Executive Team

RDO Australia Group chief financial officer - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Michael Hurn

Interim CEO & Chief Financial Officer, RDO Australia Group

Michael has 20 years’ experience in senior executive positions. He joined Vanderfield as CFO in 2015, becoming the RDO Australia Group’s CFO in early 2020. Michael is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (UK) and of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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GM Growth & Innovation Guy Hoffensetz - RDO Australia Group - RDO Equipment, Vermeer Australia; Vanderfield

Guy Hoffensetz

GM Growth & Innovation, RDO Australia Group

Guy’s experience has accumulated in the course of over 15 years, evolving from his start in agricultural sales and marketing to dealership development. He has solid knowledge and valuable skills in making a dealership successful. These were put to great use when Guy joined Vanderfield as Chief Operations Officer, a role which he fulfilled for three years before starting in his current position.

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Ted Vernon GM Operations - RDO Equipment and Vermeer Australia - RDO Australia Group

Ted Vernon

GM Operations, RDO Equipment & Vermeer Australia

Ted has proven ability to develop and implement operational & aftersales strategies and has worked within multiple OEM and dealership environments. Ted joined the RDO Australia Group as GM Operations, RDO Equipment & Vermeer in early 2021.

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RDO Australia Group general manager operations Vanderfield Jeff Jaques - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Jeff Jaques

GM Operations, Vanderfield

Jeff has over 35 years’ experience in agricultural sales, including more than 20 years in managerial positions. His previous executive role was Regional Manager for Vanderfield’s six Eastern locations. Jeff takes every opportunity to support his teams as they make improvements, grow and move towards their goals.

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RDO Australia Group general manager Vermeer sales Jeff Lawson

Jeff Lawson

GM Sales, Vermeer Australia

Jeff is passionate about ensuring his customers’ goals are effectively met and strives to pass on his high customer service standards to his teams. His experience in sales spans over 25 years and two continents. He has been with Vermeer in managerial positions since 2008.

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RDO Australia Group general manager aftermarket Jason Jones - RDO Equipment Australia, Vermeer Australia, Vanderfield

Jason Jones

GM Aftermarket, RDO Australia Group

Jason started with Vanderfield as a trainee accountant before completing a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree, and in his 30 years’ experience with Vanderfield he has been heavily involved in many aspects of its expansion. Jason has filled a range of senior management and executive roles, including Branch Manager, Chief Executive Officer and Regional Manager for the Western locations.

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RDO Australia Group National Sales Manager John Deere C&F Nathan Psaila - RDO Equipment Australia

Nathan Psaila

General Manager – Sales (RDO Equipment)

Nathan has extensive experience in the Earthmoving and Material Handling industry, where he has held managerial sales roles since 2011. Nathan loves exceeding expectations and leading his teams in forging strong partnerships with their customers. He joined RDO Equipment in 2019.

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